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Welcome to Cora Luxury Home

Once in Via Wilhelm von Gloden 89, call +39 334 290 9987 to open the main gate.

Once you call, it will automatically open.

Ambulance: 112

Hospital address:

Police: 112

In case you do not have access to the suite or you find something wrong / not working feel free to call and text at any time

+39 333 422 8175 – Loredana

+39 349 186 6586 – Olga

Name: CORAHome

Password: Cora2023

Etna Volcano (rifugio sapienza, rifugio citelli, hiking, tours)

Gole dell’Alcantara (body rafting, river trekking, quad tours)



Aci Trezza

Italy is well known for its fantastic food! These are the best restaurants we suggest to you:


Vineria Modì (gourmet, our favorite)

La Capinera (expansive, Michelin-starred)

Kisté (gourmet)

Granduca (restaurant with a sea-view terrace)

Tiramisù (sicilian trattoria)


Adduma (best steaks in Taormina)


La Napoletana (best pizza in Taormina)

Pizzeria Villa Zuccaro

Osteria Villa Zuccaro

Taxi & transfer are pretty expensive in Taormina, so we suggest renting a car or going on a walk to enjoy the panorama.

– Taxi H24 7/7: +39 0942 23000 (30+ EURO from the apartment to Isola Bella)

– Airport transfer: (100-150 EURO from Catania to Taormina)

Free parking for one car is included in your reservation.

Once in Via Wilhelm von Gloden 89, call +39 334 290 9987 to open the main gate.

If you have multiple cars, you can find three parking in the center of Taormina.

Parking Porta Catania: the one we suggest – you pay when you leave

Parking Porta Messina: accepts only EURO coins and requires you to decide the length of the park in advance

Parking Lumbi: out from the center, serviced with a shuttle

You can find many beautiful beaches in the Taormina area:

  • Isola Bella Beach (lido la plage, lido mendolia)
  • Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea Beach
  • Tao Beach Club

Da Cristina: Via di Giovanni 28, Taormina

stritFUD: Via di Giovanni 23, Taormina

Decò Local: Viale Apollo Arcageta 16, Taormina (best one in taormina center)

I Gabbiani: S.S. 114, Constrada Pallio, Giardini Naxos (biggest)

Supermarket Sciglio: Via Wilhem Von Gloden 51/55, Taormina (expansive)


Bam Bar: Via di Giovanni 45, Taormina (top)

Gelatomania: Corso Umberto 7, Taormina


Pasticceria D’Amore: Via Costantino Patricio 28, Taormina (top)

Gelatomania: Corso Umberto 7, Taormina


Pasticceria D’Amore: Via Costantino Patricio 28, Taormina (top)

I dolci di nonna Rosa: Viale S. Pancrazio 44, Taormina

Morgana: +39 0942 620056

Medousa: +39 0942 388738

Hotel Metropole: +39 0942 24013

Call them before going; they do not organize parties every day

La Giara: +39 0942 23360 – Vico La Floresta 1, Taormina

Tao Beach Club: +39 329 88 41 839 – Via Nazionale 175, Taormina

Caparena: +39 0942 65 20 33 – Via Nazionale 189, Taormina

Jaaneta Beach: +39 389 58 43 234 – Via Schisò, Giardini Naxos

Pizzeria Villa Zuccaro: +39 0942 62 80 18

Pizza Mania: +39 0942 24 956

Pizza Regina: +39 328 86 32 317

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